Enniskillen Taste Experience


It’s exciting times on the Island of Enniskillen with local producers and suppliers offering premium products that are on par with any other town or city in Ireland.

A Unique Taste Adventure

Your Taste Adventure

Discover the unique Island town of Enniskillen with a guided walking tour, stopping at various locations along the way to sample an indulgent mix of food and drink.

The Enniskillen Taste Experience will showcase the culinary delights the local businesses have to offer and will provide customers with a substantial and memorable experience.

Customers will be offered an array of tastes and nibbles  along with a few alcoholic beverages, so it’s best to leave the car keys behind.

Enniskillen Taste Experience
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Enniskillen Taste Experience
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Enniskillen Taste Experience
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Enniskillen Taste Experience
Tickety Moo Ennsikillen

Tour Information


Saturdays 11.00am
@The Enniskillen Castle

Duration +/- 3 Hours
Distance walked +/- 1 mile


For further information
please contact us >>